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Elite Cable

Cat6 Indoor Outdoor Cable 1000ft Black

Cat6 Indoor Outdoor Cable 1000ft Black

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Discover unrivaled connectivity with the Elite Cat6 Indoor/Outdoor Ethernet Cable. This 1000ft high-performance cable, neatly packaged for easy installation, adapts to a myriad of applications, from room-to-room connections to outdoor cameras and gaming setups. With UL-LP Rated certification, a 90° temperature rating, and tested speeds up to 600MHz, our cable ensures exceptional performance. UV-resistant and built with solid pure copper, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Invest in our dual-use Ethernet cable and enjoy savings of up to 20% without having to use different types of cable. Choose Elite Cable for a fusion of quality, transparency, and cost-effective connectivity.

Where To Use

The Elite Cat6 Indoor/Outdoor Ethernet Cable is the all-in-one ethernet solution for various applications. From in-wall installations and room-to-room connections to network rooms and warehouses, it's got you covered. Ideal for outdoor cameras, access points, residential networks, and gaming setups, this versatile cable even performs brilliantly in riser runs. With its exceptional versatility, our cable can handle any networking challenge you throw at it.

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